Paula Leatherland works with sculptors though out the country. Originally from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, she now has made Loveland Colorado her home.
Paula has a passion for animals, fantasy and realism. This wonderful combination is brought out in her craft. She has found sculpture the most intriguing of the mediums. Creating images from her imagination and expressing them in three dimension using clay and bronze. It has become an addiction.

Pre-Made Bronze Sculptures

Feel free to look through our gallery and to see if there are on sculptures you are interested in purchasing. All sculptures have a set starting price but can be negotiated based on circumstance. Use our gallery contact section to start the setup process for delivery and payment.

Custom Works

Do you like the style of work but have a specific subject in mind? We are always looking for new ideas to further our collection so please feel free to visit our contact page and send us any ideas you might have!